Share The Blessings
Vice President
Lima P. Buckland

LTM Share The Blessings Vice President and the Share the Blessings team Executed a Rice Contest in Daantabogon, Tabogon, Cebu, Philippine with great success. Here are the details of the contest.

For the first 100 people who submitted three bible verses, each will receive 5 kilos (Little over 11 LBS) Rice. Within hours we had 125 responses and 375 bible verses.

To those who submitted three bible verses after the first one hundred received, receive 2 kilos (4.4 LBS) of rice.

When Lima was asked why she wanted three verses each, she said, “I want to get the people back to reading the bible. I am hoping they will continue to read God’s Word.”

What a great idea!

With Easter around the corner, and with all the uncertainty with this coronavirus, now is not the time to sit and be afraid, but a time to repent and give our lives to Christ. It is a time to realize how much Jesus sacrificed for us by giving his life and shed his blood for our sins so that we may live. We are living in very uncertain times, and we all need to open our bibles and start reading, believe it or not there in those pages are all the answers we are all looking for.

Let’s set our fears aside and help our neighbors. Let us help those who are sick. Check on and help the elderly.

Thank you, Lima, and all of the LTM Share The Blessings team for a job well done. May God bless you all!


Some thank you’s form those who received the rice.

You can help LTM share the Blessings

When you help share the Blessings in the Philippines you are providing food for families, school supplies for childern, slippers (foot wear) for children, and medical treatments for the sick, and the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting.

Living Truth Ministries is dedicated to reaching out to the hurting with the gospel, and meeting the basic needs of others.