I want to thank the Principal and Teachers of Taba-ao Elementry School in Taba-ao, Cebu, Philippines, for allowing LTM to help out with fifteen reams of bond paper, and for the volunteers who help us get it there. 

This year has been a challenging year for everyone worldwide with the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and workplaces have been closed and the schools all over the world, and it is no different for Taba-ao Elementry School. 

It is very challenging for everyone when the income stops, and the bills keep coming. This is why LTM is trying in some small way to help out. Our mission is the Philippines to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to lost and help meet their physical needs. 

This pandemic has taken a real toll on the schools there, and especially the impoverished villages such as Taba-ao, but educating our children must never stop. Therefore, we must do all we can to help educate these kids and give them every opportunity to improve their lives. Being poor is hard, but being poor and uneducated is a lot harder because good jobs are out of reach without an education. 

We are being asked by schools there to help with the bond paper. We are unable to help without your help. Please help us by going to https://www.ltm4christ.com/become-our-partner/

Thank You and God Bless!

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When you help share the Blessings in the Philippines you are providing food for families, school supplies for childern, slippers (foot wear) for children, and medical treatments for the sick, and the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting.

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