April 16, 2021

I am a 72-year-old member of Long Branch Baptist Church in Toronto and my remarkable journey as a Christian songwriter needs to be told.

David Kenneth Maki

At the end of February 2017, my wife and I received a sad telephone call from a very dear friend advising us she was terminal.  She passed on August 31st after a valiant fight.  I went to bed March lst and before drifting off I felt an overpowering urge/directive to “write a praise song”.  It was intense and I resolved to do so the next morning.  Shortly after 5 a.m. I awoke and the urging to get up and do it was undeniable.  Over a cup of coffee, the lyrics to Be Thankful were on the page in less than 15 minutes.  After showing them to a few people the response was overwhelming.  I have never written lyrics with music before but picked up my guitar and a few minutes later the song was complete.

I played it a couple Sundays later at my church and the reception was heartwarming.  I was urged to try and write another one as the consensus was that I was being led by The Lord.  Within the next few weeks, Atonement in Christ and He Is were also completed.  I was blown away by what was happening.  I found a small studio in Toronto and hired a friend of my wife’s boss to back me up musically and we recorded the three.  Ed Crabtree after laying down backup lead, bass, and keyboard tracks also posted them on YouTube with scrolled lyrics.

Since then I have been blessed to pen 7 more all of which were studio-recorded and now on YouTube under David Kenneth Maki.  These songs have garnered over 3100 hits to date.

Not a day goes by that I do not thank Jesus for allowing/leading me to write these.  My goal is to have them picked up by an established artist and recorded for wide circulation.  I have funded the 3 recording sessions and all related costs and was happy to do so.  The right artist can have them for free.  I am overwhelmed to play a part in spreading the wonderful messages in the 10 songs and my reward would be increased listenership and souls saved.

I have been told too many times that these songs are excellent and I urge you to check them out.  “There’s Still Time” is my true story.

The latest four that are now recorded are the strongest ones yet and I am forever grateful to God for being given the honour to write them for Him.

These events that I have related to you have been the wonderful for me and I treasure them.  I have had near-death experiences over the years and there is no doubt in my mind my Lord Jesus kept me alive for a reason.  I believe His reason is the 10 completed songs praising Him.

As Ever Yours in Christ

David Kenneth Maki

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